Remote Systems Management

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) often spend a disproportionate percentage of their revenue on their information technology (IT) infrastructure. Although their capital investment in hardware is usually lower than larger companies, the monthly costs for administrators and IT staff don’t scale as well, and this is where our remote systems management services can save you money.

With an RSM contract, you essentially outsource your entire IT department to us. We provide the same expertise and response time you would get from a full-time employee, but you only pay for the time needed to manage and maintain your IT resources. In some cases, this can average as little as an hour or two per day!

As the name suggests, we manage your systems remotely, using technologies that provide secure, encrypted connections between our consultants and your systems. If an onsite visit is unavoidable, we coordinate and schedule in advance, whenever possible.

Our remote systems management service can include any or all the following duties:

  • Manage and install routine software updates
  • Monitor and manage system backups
  • Configure and maintain local area networks (LANs)
  • Manage and maintain data security devices and software
  • Develop, implement and maintain custom software applications
  • Recommend and implement new hardware and software solutions

Please contact us for a comprehensive review of your current and future systems management needs.